We treat experience as a starting point for further development. For you, we have strongly focused on developing the competences of our quality departments. To Make you feel safe.

We carry out most of the tests ourselves, which means that we have it under control.


The flow of information and the exchange of knowledge between our partners and us is the basic assumption of the SMART lab concept. Knowing your needs, learning each case separately, we are able to approach your issue individually. Contact us hello@smartlaboratory.pl


Almost 30 years in the interior design industry have shown us how dynamically the needs of the market are changing. We react to them, always trying to be one step ahead.


The SMART lab team is involved in the entire process of quality control. These are multidimensional activities that require constant trainings. That is why, as part of SMART lab, we place emphasis on constantly raising the bar in the area of staff specialization.


EN ISO 12945-2:2020

PN EN 12127:2000

EN ISO 105-X12:2016

DIN 54345-1:1992-02

EN ISO 4920:2012

EN ISO 12947-1:2000, 2:2017

EN ISO 13936-2:2005

EN ISO 13937-3:2002

EN ISO13934-1:2013