technology is making your fabric cleaning a breeze

The finishing of the fabric is based on nanoparticles, the composition of which is very effective in blocking the penetration of dirt. As a result it is possible to remove most difficult stains without the use of detergents. With the EASY CLEAN technology the stains can simply be removed with water or soapy water. Ketchup, coffee or even pen stains can easily be removed.
1. Remove stain with a spoon (ketchup, etc.)
2. Wet the stain and then dry it with a paper towel
3. Leave to dry


technology which prevent the absorption of spilled liquids

The fabric is coated with a special protective film creating a water-resistant layer protecting against rapid absorption of liquids. Instead of being immediately absorbed, the water is condensed on the surface of the material.
This gives us time to use a soft cloth or paper towel to gently wipe off the spilled liquid.